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Events must be free of charge or a benefit for a nonprofit organization.
The following are eligible for a free listing:
• Arts and cultural shows, concerts and presentations
• Events hosted by sporting groups, clubs, museums and social service organizations
• Events open to the general public

The following are
not eligible for free listings:
• Commercial business sales and promotions (unless more than 50% of proceeds are being donated to a certified 501(c)(3))
• Events promoting a specific religion that are not non-sectarian including religious or worship services
• Events celebrating a specific religious holiday that are not non-sectarian
• For profit schools, classes and seminars (e.g. weight loss, health, investment)
• Regular meetings of membership organizations
• Free information workshops or lessons to solicit clients
• Personal fundraisers
• Events advertising or promoting firearms or tobacco products
• Partisan events promoting the election of a candidate for political office
• Events that do not take place in the greater Sarasota/Manatee counties area

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